As music therapists and educators, we know the importance of using client-preferred music in our sessions, especially when working with teens.

Teens have a very personal relationship with the music that speaks to them. And when we show acceptance for our clients’ music, what we’re communicating is that we accept them.

Using client-preferred music engages our teen clients and helps us quickly build rapport.

But, I also believe it’s important to introduce new music to our clients, too. Music that we choose to bring in because of its potential therapeutic value, whether that be in the lyrics, the rhythm, or other musical elements.

A few weeks ago, I led a Patriotic-themed virtual session for 4th of July and played a metal version of “Yankee Doodle” (a recorded version, of course!). It was a HIT!

My clients don’t claim to be metal fans, but it engaged them immediately because it sounded different and had a pulsing, rhythmic beat.

With my school-age clients, I’ve introduced the Nutcracker Suite and found tons of ways to make it cool. Even I was surprised to see 5th grade boys dancing around to “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy!”

In Tune In To Teens, the E-Course I created for music therapists and educators, I go into much more detail on how you can introduce new music to your clients – and how to make it cool and engaging for them.

Even if your clients are diehard Bruno Mars fans or your students won’t listen to anything except Drake, I guarantee there are ways to bring in different genres of music and make it interesting for them.

You’ll learn creative ways to bring in genres of music like:

  • Jazz
  • Hip hop
  • Country
  • Rock
  • Classical
  • Reggaeton
  • New Age
  • World music

The exciting news is that enrollment for Tune In To Teens will be opening up soon (in August 2020)!

In addition to these ideas, the E-Course is also JAM PACKED with creative intervention ideas, new songs, session planning inspiration, and strategies for success when working with teens with autism and other special needs. Course participants have access to sheet music, looped hip hop beats, original song MP3s, session videos, and creativity worksheets that can be downloaded and saved.

Participants can receive between 5 – 15 pre-approved CMTE credits (depending on which package you choose) and have access to a VIP forum with personalized instructor support (win-win right?!)

Enrollment for the E-Course is currently closed, but will be opening up in August 2020. I am so thrilled!

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Over the next few weeks on the blog, I’ll be highlighting some of the special features of Tune In To Teens that make it stand out from other continuing education courses.

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More than 100 music therapists, educators, and professionals have taken the E-Course and successfully put the ideas into use in their sessions and classrooms.

John Kneip, MT-BC said this about the course: I think this was the most organized and clearly presented online music therapy course I have ever taken. Thank you for so much valuable and useful information. I really appreciated the amount of specific, practical, and useful ideas.”

When she completed the course, Michele Burns, MT-BC said “I feel ready to conquer my sessions!”

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