On Sundays I provide group music therapy services at Friendship Circle Miami.

It’s an amazing program, where neurotypical teens are paired with teens with autism and other special needs. Together, they participate in music therapy and recreational programs like sports, karate, cooking, art, and yoga.

At the heart of the Friendship Circle program is the desire to build friendships between the teens. Thus, one of the main areas we focus on is social skills.

These are critical skills that come into play in the classroom, on the sports field, and when applying for jobs.

And even though I’ve worked with this program many years, I still sometimes draw a blank when it comes to generating fresh ideas for this group.

I often turn to the content of Tune In To Teens, the E-Course I created, for a reminder of interventions and musical experiences I can bring in to target a variety of social skills.

In the E-Course, which is approved for 5 CMTE credits, I share goals that can be addressed in the social domain (like improving group cohesion), as well as a variety of creative interventions that can target those goals.

Here’s a sampling of some of the grab-and-go ideas you’ll find in the Social Skills section of the E-Course:

Creating an Acronym – Learn how you can prompt teens to create their own group guidelines that organize the group and help everyone get the most out of each session

Musical Group Rounds – See how to facilitate a “check in” with each group member to acknowledge them and see how they’re doing. I incorporate a novel instrument and a simple 3-part structure for this musical experience.

“Say Hi, Don’t Be Shy” – Learn this original greeting song that gives teens the opportunity to greet each other by shaking hands, giving a high five, waving, or giving a first bump. You’ll be able to watch a video demo, learn a cool new guitar accompaniment pattern, and download the sheet music and MP3.

Drumming Round – See how you can use a simple drumming round to acknowledge each group member and work on social communication skills.

Be Flexible Rap – (One of my faves!) This original rap song teaches teens how to be flexible when things don’t go as planned. They’ll have the opportunity to give input and add verses to the rap. You’ll be able to download the lyric sheet and MP3.

Musical Games – (More of my faves!) These are designed to increase group cohesion, facilitate teens working together, and improve social communication skills.  You’ll learn some of the original musical games I created: The ABCs of Music, Music Instrument BINGO, Musical Genres, and Musical Telephone.

These are just a few of the musical experiences in the Tune In To Teens E-Course. You’ll also learn a variety of creative ideas that target motor skills, attention, creativity & self-expression, and relaxation. (Stay tuned to the blog to learn about some of the musical experiences in those domains).

Enrollment for the E-Course is currently closed, but will be opening up in early March 2020. Yay!

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Over the next few weeks on the blog, I’ll continue to highlight some of the special features of Tune In To Teens that make it stand out from other continuing education courses.

More than 100 music therapists, educators, and professionals have taken the E-Course and successfully put the ideas into use in their sessions and classrooms.

Ali Howshall, a music teacher said this about the course: “It is the only comprehensive resource that I have been able to find online that has specifically helped me in planning my sessions.”

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