I’m ashamed to admit this, but…

I used to be a huge Backstreet Boys fan. I mean HUGE. One of those embarrassing fans. I knew all of the guys’ birthdays, their favorite foods, and the kind of car they drove. My best friend and I spent hours making collages of their faces on our binders and writing fan letters that I don’t think we ever sent.

So, when the BSBs came back on the scene a year or so ago, I have to admit my former teenage self was a little giddy.

Their music doesn’t quite hit me the way it did when I was 17. But, it’s fun to think back on how much fun I had singing every word of their Millennium album and learning all the dance moves to “Backstreet’s Back.”

Why am I shamefully admitting all of this?

Because their new song “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is one of the additions to the updated version of my Pop Song Hot List. The Pop Song Hot List is a quick reference guide to the songs that are at the top of the charts right now. It can be overwhelming to figure out what songs are “cool” and “in” right now, because what’s “cool” and “in” seems to change weekly, am I right?

That’s why I include a Pop Song Hot List in all the teen resources I offer: Tuneful Teens E-Book 1, Tuneful Teens E-Book 2, and the Tune In To Teens E-Course.

And, it’s updated at least every six months.

I just added a brand new section at the end of the list that I think you’ll love. It’s called Positive Pop Songs for Therapy. This is a list of songs that never go out of style because of their positive message and lyrics (which can be tough to find these days!) AND their potential for use in our therapy sessions.

If you’re overwhelmed by ALL the music that’s out there and don’t know where to start when it comes to finding the music your students and clients like, check out one of the resources mentioned above. The Tune In To Teens E-Course is a comprehensive resource for music teachers and music therapists who work with teens with special needs.

In the course you will:

  • Find out exactly where to go to find the top new pop songs
  • Learn creative ways to determine your clients’ unique musical preferences
  • Learn how to add musical variety to your sessions by incorporating genres like bluegrass, dubstep, salsa, Celtic, classical & reggaeton
  • Find out my #1 resource for finding the top songs that teens are listening to right now

See everything that’s included in the course (and watch a video of me rapping!) right here.