If you’re anything like me, you get SUPER EXCITED about conference.

There’s the preparation and planning out of your session schedule.

There’s travel to a new destination (even if it is only to see the inside of the hotel!)

And there’s the reconnecting with music therapy friends and colleagues that you haven’t seen in years.

The National Conference last year in Dallas was pretty amazing.

But I now realize, three months down the road, that I’ve forgotten to apply all the incredible things I learned in the presentations. What good is attending a conference if you’re not going to apply what you’ve learned in your clinical practice?

I did organize all my presentation notes right after I got home, so that was a win. Now, I plan to go back to all those notes and pull out five things I’m going to apply in my sessions in the upcoming month. Would it be helpful for you to do the same? Even if you didn’t attend conference last year, you can pull out your notes from a previous year or a past presentation. Then, pull out five ideas that you can apply directly to your clinical practice next month.

Conference is a great time, but we certainly don’t want all that effort to attend to go to waste!

Join me in dusting off those conference notes and applying what you’ve learned in your sessions next month.