It’s been about two weeks since the National Conference took place in Dallas and I have to say, I think I still have the “conference glow.”

(Quite the opposite of conference hangover, right?!)

This year’s conference was amazing. I’m fairly certain I say that every year (in fact last year I called it Ahhhh-mazing), but there was something very special about conference this year.

I took my own advice and left some white space, took advantage of the creative outlets that were offered, and spent a lot of quality time connecting with my colleagues/music therapy pals (including my conference roomie with whom I had interned at the Matheny Medical and Educational Center 13 years ago.)

It was refreshing.

I attended presentations on the use of hip hop in therapy, practicum supervision, and high-leverage practices in special education. I attended a presentation on taking a neurodevelopmental approach to facilitating flexible social skills in individuals on the spectrum, and my fingers could not type fast enough.

It was reinvigorating.

Now I’m organizing all those conference notes so they are easily accessible when I need them.

How was your conference? Are you glowing or experiencing the conference hangover? Let me know in the comments below.