Lately, I’ve been working a lot of cognitive interventions into my sessions, particularly those that are targeted towards improving attention skills. So today I thought I’d do a roundup of all the posts I’ve created that target cognitive skills.

Arousal orientation, localization, auditory perception skills, alternating attention – I cover it all.

I thought maybe you could use a few new ideas too!

Two years ago, I started a video series about Music Therapy + Cognition. In the videos I share interventions that target specific cognitive skills:

Video 1: Shows how you can use the clarinet (or any symphonic instrument) to work on localization (the technique is called Musical Sensory Orientation Training, or MSOT).

Video 2: Demonstrates how you can use musical experiences to work on sound discrimination and identification (these skills have huge implications for speech development, so check them out!)

Video 3: Shows how you can use the ukulele and different colored scarves (plus an original song!) to work on sustained and alternating attention.

I also wrote a few of blog posts where I share some ideas for how you can target cognitive skills in your sessions with children and teens with special needs:

Amp up your work on auditory perception skills with your school age clients and grab some ideas that will help improve their ability to listen, discriminate sounds, and tune out distractions in the classroom.

Are they fans of JT and “Can’t Stop the Feeling?” In this post you’ll see how a motivating song that your clients LOVE can be used to work on sustained and selective attention.

Finally, if your clients are as into Moana as mine are, be sure to check out Making the most of Moana. You’ll see how you can incorporate rainbow colored hand bells to work on attention goals. In More with Moana I share how you can see how to use rhythm instruments to work on auditory perception skills and selective attention.

That should be a good place to get you started!