I don’t know about you but I was a little bit relieved when Moana came out and we could finally put the music for Frozen away!

There’s only so many times you can sing “Let it Go” in a lesson or session, am I right?

Because Moana is so popular, I did some brainstorming to come up with ways to use the song “How Far I’ll Go” therapeutically in my sessions. Most of my clients have some sort of attention-based goal as part of their treatment plan, and color coded instruments and notation systems are the perfect way to address those goals.

Here are two creative ideas:

Rainbow Handbells – Group Session
Goal: To improve sustained and selective attention

  1. Create color cards that match the rainbow colored handbell set: red (C), orange (D), yellow (E), etc. I used Crayola markers to color index cards. Simple enough!
  2. In the session, split your group into four smaller groups. Distribute handbells so the first group is playing a C chord, the second group is playing an F chord, the third group is playing an A minor chord, and the fourth group is playing a G chord.
  3. Practice first by holding up the cards for the C chord: red (C) and yellow (E), and cuing clients to play. Then hold up cards for the F chord: green (F) and blue (A), and cue clients to play. Continue until each group has had a chance to practice.
  4. Next, sing the chorus of “How Far I’ll Go.” As you sing, cue clients to play by holding up the cards that match their handbell and correspond to the correct chord in the song.

Rainbow Handbells or Resonator Bells – Individual Session
Goal: To improve sustained and selective attention

  1. Create a color coded notation sheet with four notes on a staff: C written in red, D written in orange, E written in yellow and G written in green.
  2. Instruct the client to play those four notes on their handbells or resonator bells. Cue them to continue playing the four note pattern over and over.
  3. Once they are comfortable playing the pattern, begin singing “How Far I’ll Go.” This repeated line corresponds with the chords in the verses and chorus of the song.

Watch out because “How Far I’ll Go” is catchy and a bit of an earworm!

If you’re looking for more creative ideas for working with teens, school age clients or adults, I’d love for you to check out the E-Course Tune In To Teens. It’s approved by CBMT for 5 – 15 continuing education credits, depending on the package you choose, and is full of creative session ideas: