Tuneful Teens E-Books

What pop songs are you digging right now?

Currently I’m loving “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake and “Try Everything” by Shakira.

Anyone else?

Sometimes it can be really hard to find songs that we can bring into our music therapy sessions. In my case, they need to fit the following criteria:

  • Have “appropriate” lyrics & content (because of the facility where I work)
  • Are easily reproducible using live music (I try to use live music as much as possible)
  • Are actually considered cool by my clients (that’s a BIG one!)

If you’re in the same position as me and sometimes get stuck knowing what pop songs (and other kinds of music to use) during your sessions, check out the Tuneful Teens E-Book series.

Tuneful Teens E-Books

I JUST updated the Pop Song Hot List with all fresh, new pop songs so you can stay ahead of the curve. There are over 100 songs on the list, so you can pull it up as you’re planning for easy access to the new songs that are out there.

In addition to that, in the E-Books I share key ways you can find out the specific songs that your unique clients are into so each session is tailored to their musical preferences.

If this sounds like something that would be helpful as you start your teen sessions for the Fall, check out everything the Tuneful Teens series has to offer here.

Kristin Schneider says: “It’s my go-to resource for new ideas to do with my teen clients.”

Ambriel Taylor says: “Your book was just the push my brain needed to get my creative juices flowing again.”