Beach Theme 2

I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to put my summer session plans away just yet!

I love using my uke and singing about relaxing days at the beach.

There are so many creative ways to design sensory, cognitive, and movement activities around a beach theme (click here to check out some of those ideas that you can implement right away).

I have a few more ideas to share that have worked out well:

Book ‘n Songs (aka singable stories): “Beach Day” by Karen Roosa, “Beach Feet” by Lynn Reiser, “Beach Day” by Maggie Smith, and “Summer Days and Nights” by Wong Herbert Yee…and my FAVE which I mentioned last week: “To the Beach” by Linda Ashman.

Beach Ball: Toss the beach ball on the parachute while moving it up and down like ocean waves.

Suntan Lotion: Rub suntan lotion on different parts of the body to work on body part recognition AND to provide oflactory stimulation (I love the smell of suntan lotion, don’t you? Takes me right to the beach.)

– Bubbles: Pop bubbles to work on finger isolation and the “p” sound as the children say “Pop pop pop!”

We have a few more weeks to enjoy some beach activities in our music therapy sessions and then it will be back to school time!

Hope you’re having a great summer and that you can use some of these ideas in your sessions this week!