Beach Theme

I love a good themed session, don’t you?

I like using themes because they help me think outside the box to find new ideas to use, and really inspire me to be creative in how I help my clients meet their goals.

This month, it’s all about the BEACH!

Here are some of the experiences I included in this themed session:

Greeting each other by saying “Aloha!”

Counting Seashells song – To work on counting actual objects (versus rote counting)

Feeling Seashells song – To provide sensory stimulation for the 0-2 age group and to work on descriptors with the 4-6 age group. I sing “What does the shell feel like? Is it rough or is it smooth?”

Beach Book ‘n Song – Using “To the Beach” by Linda Ashman

Counting Fish song  – To work on numeral identification 1-5 (see picture!)

Moving like ocean animals song – We move like the fish, dolphin, crab and octopus (see picture!)

For many  of the songs I either use my ukulele or set a reggae accompaniment beat on the keyboard and it really adds to the “beachy” feel of the session.

If you’d like a complete plan for your summer themed sessions, check out the Sensational Songs & Activities E-Book. You’ll find a Multisensory Beach Themed session plan, plus other themed session ideas and sheet music for your work with children who are sensory learners.