Did you grab your FREEBIES yet?

I’m talking about the Rap Track MP3 & PDF of the Friendship Rap that you can use in your sessions with elementary or middle school students, or with teens.

I love sharing the new ideas that I come up with and test out in my sessions.

What I love even more is to hear feedback from readers who have tried out the ideas with their own groups and met with success!

Many times, you tweak and change things to meet the unique needs of your students and clients, which is PERFECT (and encouraged)!

Debbie is an Elementary School Music Specialist who wrote me an awesome email about how she used the Friendship Rap in a recent session.

This is what she wrote:

Hi Amy,

Thank you for the “Friendship Rap.” I used it today with my Special Ed class and it was a hit. I taught them the “chorus” and we did it many times, until they could say it and do the movement. As you probably know, getting special needs kids to speak where you can hear them or get the to use a clear voice can be a challenge! But they did it.

Then we added some instruments, shared one with a friend, and finally everyone had their own instrument. At this point I focused on them keeping a steady beat, while still using the song.

The track with just the music and no words is great. Thank you for making it almost 7 minutes! It was enough time for them to do the rap (several times), add  their verses, get them to play their instruments together, and to play a solo.

The picture I sent is the verses they came up with (see picture above). They needed only a little prompting. The ages in this class range from Kindergarten to 6th grade. They have a range of needs, but music ties them all together, no matter their age.

Thanks again. It is a wonderful post!!

Musically yours, Debbie.

This made my heart sing with happiness and I just wanted to reach through the computer and give Debbie a virtual hug for taking the time to write!

I know how hard it can be to find musical experiences when you have a group with clients who span a variety of ages and functioning levels.

I love what Debbie writes at the end of her note – “They have a range of needs, but music ties them all together, no matter what the age.”

If you haven’t checked out the post introducing the Friendship Rap, check it out here. It’ll get your wheels turning for how you might use it in your music therapy sessions or classes with elementary and middle school students or teens.

When you do, leave a comment below to let us know how it went!