Valentine’s Day will be here in just a few days! (Click here for some VDay intervention ideas!)

While this makes me excited, I know that for some of the teen clients I work with this holiday can bring up mixed emotions.

They feel a lot of pressure to have a boyfriend or girlfriend and if they don’t have one they can feel sad and left out.

So, for my teen sessions this week I decided to focus on friendship, rather than romantic relationships.

I wanted to incorporate a variety of interventions that focused on how we can each work towards being a better friend to those around us. With that in mind, I came up with a brand new idea called the Friendship Rap.

I used a looped hip hop beat (or “rap track”) that I created on GarageBand as my backtrack and wrote a chorus that we repeated over and I over.

For the verses, I prompted each client to finish the phrase “To be a friend ____________” by sharing one idea for how to be a good friend.

The intervention went SO well!

The clients really got into the rap (they were tapping their feet and bobbing their heads) and they came up with some very insightful responses for how to be a good friend.

I’d love it if you could also put this idea into practice in your sessions this week!

If you’d like the complete description of The Friendship Rap intervention (along with the lyrics for the chorus) PLUS an MP3 of the rap track and a sample of what the friendship rap would sound like, click below and I’ll send it your way:

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The theme of friendship and how we can be the best friend we can be is a great topic for teens not just around Valentine’s Day, but any time of the year!