I’ve really been enjoying being able to share my ideas for how to incorporate more movement into our music therapy sessions with kids!

Sometimes I think I’ll never need a gym membership because of all the stomping, spinning, hopping, jumping, and dancing I do in my sessions!

If you’re not caught up already, watch this video and this video for some ideas you can use in your sessions right away.

Today I want to share some original movement songs and ideas I use to start out each session.

In my session structure when working with kids, I typically begin with a hello song and greeting song to orient the clients to the session and their peers around them.

Then without going any further in the session we go right into a movement song. This is a song that prompts clients to clap, stomp, hop, jump, or bounce as the song directs. Sometimes we move within the circle, sometimes we march around the room; sometimes we move like jungle animals, sometimes we move like ocean animals; sometimes we move with rainbow streamers, sometimes we move with the stretchy band. The possibilities are endless and there is so much room for creativity!

Have a listen to a few of my original movement songs:

Feet, Feet” ~ great for working on identification of body parts and movement. The children always like how the song starts out slow and then gets really, really fast!

I Am An Elephant” ~ I incorporate this movement song into my jungle themed sessions. We pretend to move like an elephant by stomping our feet and a few other things…

We Are Spiders” ~ This song was originally written for our Halloween Musical at UCP. But, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it during my Halloween themed sessions.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas!

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