Today’s post is Part 1 of my summer blog series on movin’ and groovin’ during your music therapy sessions with kids!

Movement is so important when children are learning – it wakes up the body and the brain and actively engages children in the learning process.

In the video below, I am working on shape identification with a client. Correctly identifying five basic shapes was one of her IEP goals and one of the goals we were addressing in music therapy.

Rather than having her sit in a chair and drill shape and after shape, I decided to get us up and moving!

Watch and see:

This simple step of going from learning in a chair to learning on her feet resulted in a child who was more engaged and a child who was able to attend for a longer period of time. This in turn helped facilitate the achievement of the goal we were working on.

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Be sure to tune in next week as I continue the series on how to incorporate movement into your sessions with kids. I have an excellent video to share that I think you’re really going to like!