Are you stuck for ideas when it comes to planning music therapy activities for individuals with severe and profound intellectual disability?

    Do you work with individuals with autism and struggle to find ways to engage them during music therapy?

    Are you looking for some fresh sensory-based music therapy ideas?

    Do you wish you had themed session plans that would allow you to provide multi sensory stimulation for your sensory-based learners?

    Or are you just looking to kick start your creativity so you can breathe new life into your sessions?

    Then my E-Book, Sensational Songs & Activities: Sensory-Based Ideas for Music Therapy may be JUST what you’re looking for.

    I know what it’s like…

    At some point in my career, I too have answered a giant, resounding YES to these questions above and had no idea where to look for help. I remember mornings where I would just stare at a blank piece of paper hoping that new ideas would just…come to me.

    Now after fourteen years of experience working with individuals with various special needs and learning styles – fourteen years of trying out numerous interventions – I have tons of effective ideas that I just cannot wait share with you!

    Here’s a little preview…

    If you follow the Sensational Activities series on my blog, Wholesome Harmonies, you’ve seen some examples of the activities I will be sharing in the Sensational Songs & Activities E-Book. But, this E-Book will be jam-packed with even MORE goodies! You’ll find song ideas, sheet music, intervention ideas, and themed session plans designed to stimulate ALL six senses. I am so excited to share the very best of my sensational activity ideas with you.

    Sensational Songs & Activities is your go-to resource when it comes to planning music therapy interventions for your sensory learners.

    The E-Book contains over 55 pages of content and is only $16. Don’t need any more convincing? Click below to purchase:

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    (Or keep reading to find out more about my story and the goodies you’ll find in the Sensational Songs & Activities E-Book).

    Want to find out more?

    My career as a music therapist began when I started working at United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) in 2006. I worked in the preschool and charter school called Early Beginnings Academy, which serves children birth – age 8 with various special needs. When I started working at UCP, I remember thinking….it will be SO easy for me to generate new ideas and activities! I’ll have all these awesome intervention ideas that the children will respond to and love.

    In reality, things were very different. The children I met needed hand-over-hand assistance to participate; many were non-ambulatory and nonverbal; some even became overstimulated by the sound of the guitar and had other sensory integration issues. The children I work with are sensory-based learners. They experience the world and learn about their environment through their six senses.

    I remember feeling completely lost when it came to planning appropriate music therapy activities and interventions for these children.

    But as I began to learn about the children’s developmental stages and unique needs, I became more adept at creating age-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate interventions…and ones that were fun and engaging nonetheless! After fourteen years of experience working with children with special needs under my belt, I feel confident in my ability to create activities that are well…sensational! Now I want to share them with you! I’ve compiled my BEST and MOST SUCCESSFUL activities and put them in this E-Book for you.

    Here’s what you’ll find in the Sensational Songs & Activities E-Book:
    – You’ll learn why sensory based interventions are important for children with special needs, especially those on the autism spectrum and those with severe and profound intellectual disability
    – You’ll learn what Neurologic Music Therapy techniques specifically address sensory stimulation
    – You’ll find multiple creative ideas for designing interventions that stimulate the six senses (even one that incorporates mangoes!)
    – You’ll have access to sheet music for many of my original songs that are ready to implement in your sensory sessions TODAY! (want to see my Elephant Song? It’s a UCP fav!)
    – You’ll get the best of the best of my themed session plans (anyone care for a spooky Halloween-themed session?)
    NEW BONUS Resource (brand new!): My tips for sensational success when working with individuals with intellectual disability and autism. For example – how to musically accompany yourself while also being providing hand over hand assistance and how to avoid overstimulating your clients.

    AND THAT’S ONLY THE START – I share many more strategies, tips and ideas in the Sensational Songs & Activities E-Book that will kick your creativity into high gear and get you thinking about sensory activities in a way you never imagined. I aim to kickstart your creativity so you can use your talent, expertise, and assessment abilities to create your OWN engaging and appropriate sensory activities, too.

    Each section of the book lists specific intervention ideas, goals addressed, and items needed. You’ll get a sampling of sheet music so you can start implementing the ideas into your sessions right away! How many hours a week in planning would this save YOU?

    Don’t work with children? No problem. The ideas in the Sensational Songs & Activities E-Book can easily be adapted for adolescent and older adult populations.

    The best part? You can have all this – over 55 pages of creative intervention ideas and sheet music – all for only $16! It’s a steal, really.

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    Here’s what others are saying about Sensational Songs & Activities:

    “Just wanted to tell you I bought your book the other night and it has been such a help! I was so stuck on sensory activity ideas. I wanted to let you know that you have a great resource :) Thanks for getting me unstuck!
    – Joy Ouellette, Music Therapist

    “I just looked over your Happy Holidays section and love so many of the ideas you shared!  I just ordered a stuffed reindeer and Santa hats!  I can’t wait to do these songs with these great ideas!”
    – Jennifer Fisher, MT-BC
    The most useful part {of the E-Book} was the six themed session ideas.  I provide MT groups one time per week for a school based special needs population and I used the “Fun in the Sun” and “Trip to the Farm” already this year. I love the concept of using all of the senses and the kids loved the variety. {This E-Book} has helped by saving planning time with a theme already to go. It has also helped inspire my own themes such as “Fall Hayride” using the senses. I was surprised at how much the kids loved the bubbles!  They also enjoy tasting different foods within the session, which I had not tried before.”
    – Amy Pearson, MT-BC
    “{The most useful parts of Sensational Songs & Activities} were the themed session plans and the multi-sensory combination. I found this E-Book useful…to add more ideas to the pot of complete sensory stimulation ideas. I don’t often use olfactory (smell) in therapy sessions, but this E-Book encouraged me to look beyond what is traditional multi-sensory stimulation (auditory, tactile, visual) and add even smell into the equation.”
    – Kristin Veteto, MT-BC
    “I have purchased both of your E-Books and had a tone of success with your activity ideas. Thank you so much for these resources!”
    – Alyssa Monas, MT-BC
    Your E-Book has been a great springboard for me!” {Shae wrote a blog post describing how she successfully used the Christmas session plan in one of her groups.} “I wish I could take full credit for the idea but I can’t. I recently purchased a book called Sensational Songs and Activities by Amy Kalas, MM, MT-BC and one of her song suggestions was my springboard for this suggestion. Her E-Book is packed full of great ideas to help jump start your creativity!!”

    – Shae Keely, MT-BC

    “I am now working with children with various disabilities and find this book to be useful. I am recently using a lot of Christmas music in my music interventions and came across your song “Do You Hear What I Hear?” I had two boys that I was working with and I believe they both enjoyed this song! The one boy has a history of not participating in any activities with other children but I had the privilege to have him remain in my small group for almost the entire time! I had an occupational therapist participate in my group as well and I think she was impressed with how music was being used. I can say I am finally using your book and find it very helpful. Thanks!!
    – Jennifer Hezoucky, MT-BC

    “I purchased your sensory book and love using it with a patient of mine who has brain trauma due to seizures. I love it and appreciate your work.”
    – Tiffanie Hingle, MT-BC

    “I received both E-Books–thank you!  I love the ideas.  These are really nice resources; thank you again! I was thrilled to find such valuable resources!
    – Melanie McWreath

    I have had great success with activities from your books! I got your e-mail about the musical obstacle course and I can’t wait to try it out with my kids. I work at a private school that caters specifically to kids with SLD’s, ADD/ADHD and ASD. We have about 70 student from 3rd grade through 12th so your books have been a wonderful resource for me. My job title is “Music Therapist” but I see all students once a week. My class is sort of like a general music class/therapy session. I am teaching them to read and play music but I also make sure to plug in some therapy stuff into each class as well because they can all benefit from it. Thank you for everything. I am so glad I have found all the wonderful resources you offer!
    – Tracey Kinnunen, MT-BC

    “I used your “Trick or Treat” song yesterday with a classroom group that needs AAC devices.  They LOVED being able to “shout” at the end of the song and also all the movements and instrument sounds.”
    – Darcy Perez, MT-BC

    “Both books had so many creative ideas and I’m excited to integrate them into my sessions. Thanks again for the great resources!”
    – Christine MacIsaac, MT-BC

    “Thanks Amy, I absolutely love both E-Books!”
    – Karen Collins, MT-BC

    “Thank you so much. I read through the book and it has some brilliant ideas.”
    – Marian Wheeler

    * All comments used with written permission :)