Those of you who have purchased Tuneful Teens: Creative Ideas for Engaging Adolescents in Music Therapy know that there is something cool I added to the package a few months ago.

A FREE update!

As I continued to work with teens with autism and other special needs I began seeing that the songs I used in my sessions would change month to month. What was cool one month would be ‘out’ the next. I had to learn new pop songs rapidly and sometimes had trouble keeping up with what was considered ‘in.’

So I decided to add a Pop Song Hot List to the Tuneful Teens E-Book. This is a list of all the songs that my teen clients have requested or that I’ve seen on the Billboard Top 100 or that I’ve heard on the radio played over and over (so they must be popular right?)

I even find myself looking back at this list to get new ideas for songs to use in my sessions!

Why is knowing what songs are cool to teens so important?

When you bring music that is “cool” into your sessions, you’re able to build an immediate rapport with your clients. Also, your clients will be more engaged if you’re using a song they know and can sing along to. Once you’ve piqued their interest you can use that song in a way that meets your goals….as part of a musical game to work on social interaction and group cohesion….or as part of a songwriting experience to work on self expression.

If you have already purchased Tuneful Teens, you are eligible for one free update! The updated E-Book has all fresh, hot, new pop songs that you can use today in your sessions! Email me and I’ll send you an updated copy right over.

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