Sing Together shop book cover

What a difference a week can make!

Last Wednesday, I was wrapping up my time at United Cerebral Palsy and saying goodbye to my co-worker family that I’d been with for 7 years. This Wednesday, I’m organizing my office at University of Miami, attending new faculty orientation, and meeting the new students who’ll be starting in the music therapy program this Fall.


A few weeks ago something else exciting happened, but I didn’t even have the chance to tell you about it because I was busy blogging for my Summer Series on Music Therapy + Sensory Integration.

The songbook Sing Together: Greetings & Goodbyes was released by the amazing powerhouse duo, Megan Resig and Wade Richards. This songbook contains songs by contributing composers (myself included!)

Here’s how Megan and Wade describe the project:

Sing Together is collaborative project created by Wade Richards and Megan Resig in an effort to encourage music therapists to share their original songs with other music therapists who are looking for new music and therapeutic strategies to incorporate into their sessions. Each songbook in this series contains original work that focuses on a specific theme and shares creative ideas for developing the song into a greater therapeutic experience.

Greetings and Goodbyes offer a selection of work centered around opening and closing a session. Many therapists utilize opening and closing experiences to help their clients transition in and out of the music therapy session or group setting. This is also an opportunity for clients to work on valuable social skills such as using appropriate greetings, decision making, asking questions, maintaining eye contact, and communicating with others.

I contributed two original songs that I wrote JUST for this project: “Come On & Get Ready,” a greeting song (and my personal fave) and “Our Time Now is Done,” a goodbye song (as you probably guessed by the title!)

Ready for the coolest part?

Wade and Megan wanted this project to benefit the music therapy community both as a resource as well as financially. The proceeds from the book will be used to create a scholarship fund for music therapists who need support in pursuing creative projects. These could include:
– purchasing equipment for a new program
– publishing costs for creating a business website
– membership subscriptions to valuable resources
– connecting clients with their own instruments
…and any other creative endeavors.


I love it! Ready to check out the book?