It’s all about the ‘U’!

I am a ‘Cane at heart and I have some exciting news to share….I have officially accepted the position of Interim Music Therapy Professor at University of Miami! Yay!

U.M. is my alma mater for both my bachelor’s and master’s degree, so I feel very home there. In fact, I kind of feel like I’ve come full circle since I started off as a work study for the music therapy program in my freshman year at UM.

As Interim Music Therapy Professor, I will be teaching the junior level courses, Music and Development and Music and Rehabilitation. I will also be the coordinator for clinical practica and will be supervising students and giving guest lectures. I am thrilled to be stepping into this new position!

At the same time, though, my heart breaks to leave UCP’s Early Beginnings Academy. In fact, TODAY marks my seven year anniversary of working at UCP. Isn’t life so funny sometimes?

This HUGE transition got me thinking about the past seven years at UCP and how incredible they have been. I’ve had the opportunity to put on musicals and holiday performances with the children. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to co-treat with other therapists and to supervise students. Here’s my time at UCP by the numbers:

11…..number of interns I’ve supervised

41…..number of practicum students I’ve supervised

30…..number of performances I’ve done with the children

217…..number of songs I’ve written

545…..number of children I’ve worked with

1540…..number of days I’ve gotten to wake up and go to my *dream* job

Pretty awesome, huh! I’ll still be running my private practice, Wholesome Harmonies, LLC, so you’ll still find songs, videos, and session ideas here on the blog. I think I’ll keep counting those days I get to wake up and go to my *dream* job.