Winner winner chicken dinner!

We have a winner!

If you are a Wholesome Harmonies newsletter subscriber (it’s free), you know that someone on the list had a chance to win a *FREE* copy of Tuneful Teens 1. I asked those who were interested to post on Facebook about where they are most ‘stuck’ when it comes to working with teens during music therapy. I also asked to hear what they would most like to see in Tuneful Teens 2 (yes it’s coming!!)

Thank you to those of you entered and gave some great ideas!

Drumroll please….the winner is…..


Yay!! Diane wrote:

I would love to see your ideas for age-appropriate songs & strategies for lower functioning students (teens-young adults) in ‘Tuneful Teens 2’! It seems like that is the area that can be the hardest to find appropriate intervention ideas for.”

I absolutely loved this idea. In fact, I had just gotten an email from another Tuneful Teens ‘purchaser’ who suggested the same thing for Tuneful Teens 2! Already I have some ideas brewing…..

Want to have a say in what goes into Tuneful Teens 2? Leave a comment and let me know…where are you ‘stuck’ when working with teen populations? What would you most like to see in TT2?

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