Showtime! Our Halloween Musical Debut

Tuesday November 8th was opening day for our Halloween Musical, entitled “In the Woods.” Many of our parents, grandparents, and family members showed up to support the children (and take lots and lots…and LOTS of pictures). I have never been so proud of my children! They were fabulous!

To catch up, check out The Making of Our Halloween Musical ~ Part 1 and Part 2.

The children did it ALL! They created the story…

They made the programs…

They made background scenery…

They made the tickets…

They made the signs…

And they were the stars…

Here are our instrumentalists…drums for “footsteps walking,” chimes for “wind,” and cabasa/shekere for “leaves rustling” 

Here are our trick-or-treaters (and dinosaur)…who remembered all their lines!

Here are the owls standing up to sing and dance for their musical number…

Afterwards, we invited the parents to stay for a short presentation where we shared with them the entire process of making the musical.

Whew! It was a lot of work, but SO worth it once we saw the reactions of the parents in the audience. Now time to start planning for Christmas….

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  • Steve

    I was lucky enough to be there and all I can say is WOW! The kids were deep into their characters and really loved performing. What a fun show to watch. Great job, Amy!

    • Amy

      Why thank you! 😉 I agree – they were certainly owning their roles, especially that dinosaur!



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