If you follow Wholesome Harmonies on Facebook (which I hope you do!) you may have seen my announcement that Tuneful Teens: Creative Ideas for Engaging Adolescents in Music Therapy has recently been updated (as of November 1, 2012)!

A few weeks prior I was leading one of my teen groups and realized that I am leading completely different songs with this group as I was last year. Pop music is constantly changing and with teens what was ‘in’ six months ago is ‘out’ now.

I want to make sure everyone who has already purcahsed Tuneful Teens can stay on top of all the new pop music out there (it can be a beast to sort through!) So, if you have already purchased Tuneful Teens (prior to Nov. 1st), email me and I will send you the updated E-Book for FREE!! Christmas came early this year :)

Here’s what you’ll get in Tuneful Teens:

– Musical game ideas + templates

– Instrument Jam Ideas

– Social skills activities + templates

– Move and groove activities + sheet music

– Relaxation activities + script

– BONUS: Teen Music Survey to determine the music preferences of YOUR group

– BONUS: Pop Song Hot List for easy reference

Tuneful Teens has been receiving rave reviews. Click here to find out what people are saying. You can also purchase the Tuneful Teens E-Book as a gift for the holidays….email me for details!