Today’s post will wrap up Sing Your Heart Out week! Each day this week, I shared a new song that you can use in your music therapy sessions or music classes.

Day 1: It is Time to Sing a Song ~ a song for building communication skills

Day 2: I Am An Elephant ~ a move & groove song for kids that like to pretend to be animals

Day 3: Play Along With Me ~ an instrument playing song for xylophone or marimba

Day 4: Beautiful Colors ~ a “sense-ational” song for visual stimulation activities

Today I am going to share a song that was requested by one of the teachers I work with – a song about manners and positive social behaviors. Sometimes the children we work with need to be taught proper social etiquette – what do you say when someone sneezes? What do you say when you bump into someone? This song addresses those situations and a few others.

Have a listen and see if it might be useful for YOUR classes or sessions…