“How Are You?” – A Song about Feelings

Feelings are a very important topic for my students at UCP.

Now that the children in the Kindergarten class can express how they’re feeling, we hear “I’m mad!” or “That made me sad!” ALL day long. They’re getting a lot of practice with expressing their feelings.

Here’s one of their favorite songs to sing during music therapy, called “How Are You?”

Not only does this song allow them the opportunity to express their feelings, but it’s great practice in encouraging them to use complete sentences (for example, “I feel happy!”)

Watch and see!

These are the pictures I use for the activity (I prefer real pictures to Boardmaker) –

Here are some things I do to extend the activity:

– I talk with them about what things make them feel happy, sad, mad, etc. The most common answer for what makes them feel sad? As you hear in the video “When mommy does pow pow.” (i.e. When mommy spanks them.)

– I also have the children practice singing the first part of the song and ask another child in the class “How are you? Tell me how are you?”

What is YOUR favorite song about feelings?

Song reference: by B. Brunk & S. Cartwright, Prelude Music Series

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  • Ashley

    Hello! I Just discovered your site & am loving it! Thank you for this valuable & accessible resource you are developing! I’m an early childhood trauma therapist & have been looking for songs to incorporate more music & movement into my play therapy sessions. Do you have any songs on feelings that i could download? I wasn’t able to view the video posted here because it is private.

    • Amy

      Hi Ashley! Thank you so much for your comment!! It sounds like you do amazing work. I’m not sure what is going on with this video…but I am working on it! Check back in a few days and hopefully it will be ready to view 🙂

    • Amy

      All the videos should be view-able now! Thanks so much for the heads up!


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