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How To Use Rap Tracks When Your Clients Have Lost Focus

Every other Sunday, I drive up a palm tree-lined road to the Chabad Center of Kendall to facilitate sessions for Friendship Circle Miami. I've worked with Friendship Circle since 2010 and it's one of my favorite programs to work with. This past week something very interesting happened in one of the sessions. I had just [...]

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I Know I Can…Rap

If you've been following the WH blog for the past few years you know that I love to incorporate rapping into my sessions with tween and teen clients. I use rapping to help clients explore their emotions, increase communication skills, and facilitate self-expression. It can be as simple as giving a prompt or sentence starter, providing a [...]

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Rapping Success Story

Did you grab your FREEBIES yet? I'm talking about the Rap Track MP3 & PDF of the Friendship Rap that you can use in your sessions with elementary or middle school students, or with teens. I love sharing the new ideas that I come up with and test out in my sessions. What I love [...]

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The Friendship Rap + A Free MP3

Valentine's Day will be here in just a few days! (Click here for some VDay intervention ideas!) While this makes me excited, I know that for some of the teen clients I work with this holiday can bring up mixed emotions. They feel a lot of pressure to have a boyfriend or girlfriend and if they [...]

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Performing Bruno Mars & Will.I.Am

  I love Bruno Mars. He's got catchy tunes, a fantastic voice and puts on a great show when he performs live (can you believe those curlers?!) So it's not surprising that he's VERY popular with the tween and teen groups I lead for the organization Friendship Circle of Miami. When it came time to choose a [...]

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Rap Lyrics That Are Going to Move You

Last week I facilitated a music experience where the teens in my group wrote and performed original raps using the line "I know I can ____________." I just had to share with you the powerful lyrics that were written by one of the group members who is on the autism spectrum (shared with client permission): [...]

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