A Camping We Will Go…Some More!


Last week, I shared a post on a Camping Theme I'm working on with my K-5 students in music therapy. We started off with a camping hello song while looking at pictures in the book "Down By the River." Then, we roasted marshmallows over a campfire of red, orange and yellow scarves in a drum, [...]

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A Camping We Will Go


I've recently been beefing up my arsenal of activities for the school-age population (grades K-5). Two years ago I started working at a school for children with special needs, and it's been a great exercise in creativity for me! I have lots of ideas for working with children and teens, but not many that are [...]

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Ukulele, Ukulele, Strum Strum Strum


Playing the ukulele makes me happy. It reminds me of summertime and being at the beach. Do you get that same feeling when you play? Recently, I started ukulele lessons with a three-year-old. It's been fun to come up with a short lesson structure for this age group, and the lessons have been going very well. [...]

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Three Keys to Engaging Children In (almost!) Any Music Therapy Activity


There is nothing more frustrating than when you're leading a session, singing with enthusiasm, trying your hardest, and look out to see a group of children with...blank stares. No participation, they're just sitting there. You've spent hours preparing, hours practicing, and...nada. Not a good feeling, am I right? During my twelve years working as a [...]

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It’s the First Day of School


  When I was a kid, I LOVED back to school time. I loved shopping for new school supplies (Lisa Frank notebooks and Bic pens were my thing!) and was always so excited for the first day of school. I try to bring some of that same excitement into my music therapy sessions on the [...]

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If You’re On a Tight Budget, Purchase THIS Item For Your Sessions


I recently had to move all my instruments and materials from the therapy center where I’ve worked for three years and move it back home. The therapy center was closing its doors and my materials needed a new home. This move allowed me to take inventory of everything I own and reminded me of a [...]

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Let’s Gear Up For Back To School Time


The ink has barely dried on my Beach Themed blog posts and already I'm realizing people are posting first day of school pics of their kids. That can only mean one thing - it's back to school time! Looks like it's time to shift gears. I'm excited, though, because at the end of August I'll be [...]

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Need More Beach Theme Ideas?


I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to put my summer session plans away just yet! I love using my uke and singing about relaxing days at the beach. There are so many creative ways to design sensory, cognitive, and movement activities around a beach theme (click here to check out some of those [...]

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Friendship Circle Morning of Talent


Friendship Circle is one of my favorite programs to work with. It is an incredible organization that provides services for children and teens with autism, as well as the opportunity for them to make friends and work on social skills in a supportive environment. I work with Friendship Circle by providing group music therapy services for [...]

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{VIDEO SERIES} Music Therapy + Cognition Part 3


Today is the final post for my video series on Music Therapy + Cognition. I've had so much fun putting these videos together! You can catch up on the past posts and videos here: Part 1: Using the clarinet to work on localization Part 2: Using rhythm instruments to work on auditory perception skills Today [...]

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