The other day I was walking through Target and had a ‘Hallelujah moment’!


I was coming in for one item: a white t-shirt that my daughter needed for an art project at her preschool. But, like most times I visit Target, I never made it past the Dollar Section (does that happen to you, or is it just me?)

The Target Dollar Section is out of this world.

It’s perfect for music teachers, special ed teachers, regular ed teachers, speech therapists and of course, music therapists.

It’s always stocked with inexpensive flash cards, workbooks, picture cards, and other goodies that are a teacher and therapists dream.

On this particular visit, I found a few gems, one of which was a set of social skills cards. Target calls them: “Good Citizen Cards.”

I was super excited about this find because one of the primary areas of focus when I work with elementary and middle school students is social skills.

We definitely do spend our time on interventions like The Noun Rap that target academic skills and ones that target attention skills. But, social skills are so incredibly important for this age group that I make it a point to target them in every single session.

I wrote a song called “What Do You Do?” that fits perfectly with these cards I found. I wrote the song a few years ago to help a student with autism learn to respond flexibly to questions about different social situations.

For example: What do you do when you need help? What do you say when you don’t know someone’s name? What do you do when you want to sit with someone in the lunch room? Etc.

You can listen to “What Do You Do?” here AND grab the sheet music and MP3.

With the addition of the Social Skills/Good Citizen Cards, I added verses about what to do if someone is better at something than you are, what to do if you walk through a door and someone’s behind you, and what to do if you want to borrow something from somebody.

And that’s just to name a few!

The pack is stocked with cards about what to do in a variety of social situations. I am not an affiliate for Target (although I probably could be!), I just really want to spread the word about what amazing resources they offer therapists and teachers. Go check out the Target Dollar Section for yourself and see what you find!