{Musical Mini-Series} Part 3: Tempo

Ready for Part 3? This is the third post in the musical mini-series where we’re a closer look at our therapeutic medium: music. We started off by taking a glance at melody and the V7 chord. Next up is….(drumroll please)….tempo! How can we as music therapists use tempo to guide and elicit movements? When working with a […]


{Musical Mini-Series} Part 2: V7 Chord

If you were a practicum student or intern under my supervision, you inevitably heard me talk about my love of the V7 chord. This is a powerful chord that can be used as an incredible therapeutic tool to prompt a response from our clients (catch up on part 1 of this series by checking out […]


{Musical Mini-Series} Part 1: Melody

Last week, I introduced you to the mini-series I’m starting that focuses on our therapeutic medium: MUSIC. I’m excited to jump in because I want to take a look at a few musical elements and examine how they’re functioning to bring about positive changes in behavior. I’ll also dig into how enhancing our musical presentation […]


Letting Your Clients Lead

I will be the first to admit that I like to have control of things when it comes to my business and my music therapy sessions. I’m an overachiever in the organization department and I need to have a plan in place for everything. So, the thought of pulling back on the reins and letting […]


Noticing the Little Things (and how my clarinet helped)

Yesterday, something happened in one of my sessions that stopped me in my tracks. Now I’ve been a music therapist for twelve years (!!), and very little surprises me at this point. But on this particular day, I was facilitating a localization exercise with my clarinet in the resource classroom for students with severe and profound […]



I returned home late Sunday night from the National Music Therapy Conference in St. Louis, MO. I had so much to tell my husband that I didn’t fall asleep until midnight (which for someone who has had a rough go with sleep this past year that’s saying a lot!) I had a wonderful time that […]

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