Last summer, I moved back to my hometown in Pennsylvania and it still feels like a dream come true!

My kiddos get to play soccer on the same fields I did, attend the same school I did, and go to the same library where I used to check out Baby-Sitters Club and Goosebumps books (90s kids raise your hands!)

We love spending time at the libraries in Gettysburg and Bigerville – whether we’re checking out dino books, attending crafternoon, or just chatting with our librarian friends.

It is an added bonus that I now get to offer my music therapy programs at my hometown libraries too!

I created Rockin’ and Readin’ at the Library waaayyyy back in 2010, and have offered this program and others to the Miami-Dade Public Library System both virtually and in person since then.

Rockin’ and Readin’ is a music therapy program for children ages 5-12 of ALL abilities, including (and especially!) those with autism and related disabilities.

Children will be moving to music, singing, and playing instruments to work on increasing social and communication skills, and improving attention. A special focus is placed on singable stories to promote literacy.

This coming Friday, July 15th I’ll be presenting Rockin’ and Readin’ at the Harbaugh-Thomas Library in Biglerville, PA. I hope my local friends will join as we take a tropical vacation to Hawaii!

In our session we’ll be:

Singing “Aloha” to our friends

Moving and dancing to songs by The Beach Boys

Singing and making ocean waves with the parachute

Reading a singable story “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell!”

Doing an ocean animal freeze dance

And, of course, playing the ocean drum

Rockin’ and Readin’ sessions are free and open to children ages 5-12 of all abilities. We just ask that you call the Harbaugh-Thomas Library at (717) 677-6257 to register and save your spot.

Can’t wait to see you there!