Favorite Resource for Addressing Academic Concepts (Part 2)

There are a ton of lesson and session planning resources out there for teachers and therapists who work with children. Just scroll through Pinterest and you’ll see the ideas out there are endless! One of the best resources I’ve found for creating visuals for my academic activities is a site called FileFolderFun.com. This site has free […]


Why I’ve Fallen In Love With My Business

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with my business. Sounds strange, I know. Don’t get me wrong, though, we’ve had our share of rough patches, but right now things are pretty darn good. Let me explain. I used to work a “9-5.” Most of my friends work a 9-5. There are lots of perks to working a 9-5. […]


Intimidated by Using Improv as a Music Therapy Intervention? Try This.

I’ll admit firsthand that I’ve been a little hesitant to incorporate improvisation into my sessions. I never knew quite where to start or how to musically support my clients. Also, my clients (who are mostly on the autism spectrum) need a lot of structure, so I didn’t know how they would handle the “musical freedom,” […]


This Has Never Happened To Me Before

On Monday, I did something that I’ve never done before. I forgot my entire bag of instruments and props. All of it. Maracas, bells, scarves, stretchy band, letter cards, books, microphones, animal pictures, bubbles, kazoos, and a drum. Yep. In my private practice, I have a variety of music therapy sessions scheduled on Mondays with […]