When I sit down to write a blog post, I try to always keep the focus on you, the reader.

I think about what information you can take away and use in your sessions, or what information might be helpful in your clinical practice.

In today’s blog post though, the focus is on me more so than in other posts (sorry!) BUT, I thought the topic might still be helpful, or at least a little interesting.

It’s a “day in the life of” post. Actually a “week in the life of” would be more accurate, because as a momtreprerneur music therapist, every day in my week is different.

I run my music therapy business, Wholesome Harmonies, which includes myself and a team of 13 music therapists. I have an online biz with creative resources and continuing ed opportunities for music professionals. And, I teach music therapy courses virtually for my alma mater, University of Miami. (I truly love my career, though, so this rarely feels like “work.”)

Here’s a little peek into my week –

On Mondays, I ease into my week with no sessions scheduled. After my kiddos are off to school, I do some things to help me get grounded and ready for the week ahead. That might look like a brisk walk, journaling, a spiritual reading, or meditation.

Following that, I catch up on emails and do ALL THE THINGS related to running my business: calling clients who have inquired about services, putting together intake paperwork for new clients, invoicing, and working on authorizations for our clients in Florida who have medicaid (Sunshine Health). I usually squeeze in a few household chores before my girls get home from school.

On Tuesdays, I session plan and lesson plan in the morning. In the afternoon, I teach in-person adapted piano lessons to students here in Pennsylvania, where I now live. Following that, I supervise practicum students from St. Mary of the Woods College and facilitate virtual music therapy sessions for the YMCA of South Florida’s after school program. About 15 programs across South Florida Zoom into the sessions, and we have students who range in age from 6 – 21.

On Wednesdays, I use the morning to do grading and emailing with my virtual Intro to Music Therapy students. In the afternoon, I teach virtual jazz piano lessons, and facilitate more virtual sessions for the YMCA. Technology is incredible, isn’t it?

On Thursdays, I catch up more on my “business work” by calling clients, answering emails, and doing all the things that keep the business moving full steam ahead. I also try to incorporate some self care by taking a walk, or meeting up with local music therapists here in Gettysburg (there are 3 that I’ve connected with so far!)

On Fridays, I have supervision meetings with practicum students (one of my favorite things to do), and then head off to facilitate in-person sessions in the autistic support classroom at our local high school. These sessions are part of the Healing Arts Program I wrote about here, here, and here (check out these posts for TONS of creative arts therapy ideas!)

I also have Rockin’ & Readin’ at the Library sessions sprinkled throughout the year, as well as sessions with other programs that offer services to children and teens with autism and related disabilities.

Every day of my week is different, which I LOVE.

I have a mix of days with in-person sessions and days where I can cozy up on the couch and invoice. My business allows me to do the work I love and feel called to do, but I’m also free to attend events at my daughters’ school.

What about you? I always love hearing what other music therapists are up to during the week. If you’d like to share what your week looks like, leave a comment below!