In a previous blog post, I shared one of my favorite brand new ideas (for either virtual or in-person learning) – Hip Hop Meets Classical.

If you haven’t checked out that post, do it now! It is sure to be a hit with your school-age and teen clients (and is also a great way to work on those auditory perception skills I talk so much about.)

The virtual idea I’m going to share about today is Musical Games.

So fun. So engaging. So many goals that can be worked on.

I’ve found virtual sessions to be the perfect platform for musical games, especially Name That Tune. It is SO easy to access the instrumental tracks for the songs, as well as the full (clean) versions on YouTube.

Here’s how we play Virtual Name That Tune:

I start by making a list of all my students’ favorite musical artists and songs (this info I gather in our first session working together, and every few weeks after that, since teen musical preferences change often).

I then pull up both the instrumental track and a full, clean version of the song.

Once in the session, I start by playing the instrumental track and seeing if they can guess: 1) The name of the song, and 2) the artist or band who sings the song.

I cannot tell you how awesome it feels to see the look of joy on their faces when they hear and recognize the songs that THEY like and are into. No judgement about the genre, artist, or band (as a former Backstreet Boys fan, I would have greatly appreciated this!)

Once they guess the song, wee jam out to the full version that includes the lyrics.

Is this something your students would be into, either online or in person?