Two weeks ago, I launched The Attention & Perception E-Course, a course I am exceptionally proud of.

It’s about 10 years in the making, considering I started filming some of the technique demonstrations while working at United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) Miami back in 2010.

I’m thrilled by how many people have joined the course and the excitement I’ve seen around learning the techniques.

Creating this course really helped get the wheels turning and creativity flowing when it came to generating new interventions in this area.

On the blog, I’ve shared many ideas for how to creatively target attention and perception with your clients.

There was A Pirate Creative Listening Experience and Can’t Stop The Feeling Rhythm Pattern Jam.

There were Halloween-Themed Attention & Perception Training Exercises (using The Ghostbusters Theme Song and The Monster Mash!)

And most recently, Using Carnival of the Animals to Target Auditory Perception with Children.

Attention and perception techniques are some of my favorite ones to facilitate: a) because they target fundamental skills that underlie ALL the other goal areas we work on with our clients, and b) because there is so much room for creativity and FUN with these techniques.

With that in mind, I created a few add-on packages for The Attention & Perception E-Course, to give people the opportunity to dive deeper into these topics and earn additional CMTE credits.

One of the add-on packages that I’m making available to anyone (regardless of whether you’ve enrolled in the E-Course or not) is called the Elevate Package.

The Elevate Package is a 6-month Email Idea Subscription with Support.

(Pro Package Purchasers – you already have this! This is the Email Idea Subscription that you’re getting along with the E-Course and Article Review).

Here’s how the Elevate Package works – 

You’ll receive one package of session ideas that target attention and/or perception straight to your inbox at the beginning of each month, for a total of 6 months. The ideas will be in PDF format and include step-by-step instructions, as well as all the information you’ll need to prepare and facilitate the musical experiences. This includes lyrics, MP3s, visuals, musical game templates, or listening guides.

Each month will target a different attention or perception skill and you’ll receive brand new ideas to spark your creativity, such as:

  • Pop Song Rhythm Games
  • Themed Rhythmic Combos
  • Making a Band
  • Pop Star Rhythmic Combos
  • Listening Guides & Listening Games

With each month’s idea you’ll also receive a Creativity Worksheet that prompts you to plan out goals, objectives, and musical experiences to work on that attention or perception skill with your own unique clients. You’ll also have email access to the Amy, the course instructor to ask any questions regarding topics and techniques related to attention and perception.

You’ll earn 7 CMTEs (pre-approved by CBMT) when you complete and return the Creativity Worksheets.

You can sign up for the Elevate Email Idea Package regardless of whether or not you’ve enrolled in the Attention & Perception E-Course.

You might be feeling like you need a little kick start to your creativity.

Or, like you need some fresh ideas for teletherapy (ALL the ideas that are shared can be used in teletherapy or in person).

Bri Walstra, MT-BC had this to say about the Email Idea Subscription and Support Package for the Tune In To Teens E-Course:

I thought the email portion was helpful! I actually really like the creativity worksheets because it forces me to sit down and think about the six ways to adapt one intervention. I think as music therapists we often get so busy and we read about intervention ideas but never figure out how we can implement them best.”

You can click here to sign up for the Elevate Email Idea Package.