In August, my girls and I made a long trek from Miami up to Maryland.

Our plan? To stay in Pennsylvania and Maryland for a few months to get away during hurricane season and avoid any kind of evacuation-during-a-pandemic situation.

It has really been wonderful getting to experience Fall again.

Twenty years living in South Florida can really make you miss the crisp weather and coziness of Fall!

We will be in Pennsylvania and Maryland for the next few weeks.

In addition to enjoying apple orchards and pumpkin patches, I am also going to be offering virtual services in the area.

This includes group and individual music therapy services and adapted music lessons on piano, guitar, ukulele, drum set, and voice, to children and teens with special needs.

The beautiful thing about teletherapy is that it doesn’t matter where you are (as long as you have a strong internet connection, am I right?)

If you are in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and are interested in starting virtual services, feel free to reach out to me here.

We already have several group sessions for children and teens starting up and would love to start more!