I’m a paper planner person. Through and through.

I love to color code, write notes, and keep everything neat and organized on a calendar that I can spread out in front of me and see as a whole.

The same goes for reading.

I don’t use a Kindle – I love the smell and feel of a real, hard copy book.

Same goes for my music therapy materials. Or at least, it used to.

Here’s how I used to organize my music therapy materials:

I had a folder (color coded, of course!) for each population or area where we could work as a music therapist (this picture shows just a few of my many folders).

Inside each folder were all the resources that pertained to that population or area:

Conferences notes, session ideas, sheet music, and any other resources I’d gathered as a student, intern, and professional.

This was a great system for a while.

I loved having everything organized where I could spread it out in front of me when I session planned and see what I had to work with.

But, as the years went on, and I gathered more and more materials, I started running out of space to hold everything!

So, I had to make change.

In Tune In To Teens, the E-Course I created for music therapists and educators, I share my new system for organizing ALL my music therapy “stuff.” (And there is a lot of it!)

Course participants get to take a mini tour and see how I keep things organized now. This new system helps me know right where to go when session planning for a new client or contract, saving me both time and space.

This peek into my new organization system is just one of the features of Tune In To Teens.

The E-Course is JAM PACKED with creative intervention ideas, new songs, session planning inspiration, and strategies for success when working with teens with autism and other special needs. Course participants have access to sheet music, looped hip hop beats, original song MP3s, session videos, and creativity worksheets that can be downloaded and saved. Participants also receive 5 CMTE credits and have access to a VIP forum with personalized instructor support (win-win right?!)

Enrollment for the E-Course is currently closed, but will be opening up in early March 2020. I am so thrilled!

Join the waitlist by entering your name and email below, so you don’t miss when the doors for enrollment are open (and close again).

When you join the waitlist, you’ll hear about special discounts and promotions, and how you can access free bonus material. Plus, you’ll get this freebie right away: Yo’ Guide To Rapping With Confidence. A step-by-step procedure for how to create meaningful raps with your teen clients and students.

Be sure to stay tuned…

Over the next few weeks on the blog, I’ll be highlighting some of the special features of Tune In To Teens that make it stand out from other continuing education courses.

More than 100 music therapists, educators, and professionals have taken the E-Course and successfully put the ideas into use in their sessions and classrooms.

Julia Sullivan, MT-BC calls it a “lifesaver course!” She says “I am working with high school and post-grad students for the first time. I struggled to make relevant, age-appropriate activities, and your course was the first thing I turned to. I’m having an easier time now and I thank you for the great information!”

When she completed the course, Michele Burns, MT-BC said “I feel ready to conquer my sessions!”

If you’re interested in learning more about the E-Course, be sure to hop on the wait list now!