I’ve been watching the weather and I see that in other parts of the country it’s snowing and there were sub-zero temperatures last night!

It’s hard to believe that winter is going on in other parts of the country and world, because here in Miami it’s 75 and sunny. (To be fair, we endure a pretty harsh and miserable summer!)

We do, however, get a few days of winter from time to time in January and February, so I make sure I have some winter-themed activities ready to go for those days.

Last year, I shared one of my FAVORITE winter-themed activities: a Frosty Musical Mad Lib.

Not only is this musical experience a great way to work on parts of speech (nouns, verbs and adjectives), but it also brings some light-heartedness and dare I say, fun into our sessions.

This past week, my clients came up with this for the first line:

Frosty the Snowman, was a colorful, stinky soul. With a corncob watch  and a button nose and two eyes made out of slime.

They were cracking up as we sang it out loud!

Another winter musical experience I bring in is movement with scarves. I tell clients to pretend they are snowflakes falling to the ground. We alternate between slow verses (snow flakes falling) and fast verses (the winter wind whipping through the trees). Clients of all ages love alternating back and forth between the slow, calm snow-falling verse and the quick and fiesty winter wind verse.

Following that experience, I do a Snowball Chant. 

I instruct clients to ball up their scarves to pretend they are making a snowball and then throw it in the drum. Here’s how the chant goes:

Snowflakes are starting to fall.
Gather them up and make a snowball.
Into the drum they all will go,
And then it’s time to play in the snow!

The Frosty Musical Mad Lib, snowflake scarf movement and Snowball Chant are a great way to incorporate winter into our sessions even when the weather is warm!

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