Before I step into a session with teens I feel a teeny, tiny twinge of nervousness in my stomach.

It’s brief, but noticeable.

After twelve years of working with teens as a music therapist, you would think the nerves would be gone. But here’s why I’m glad I still get a little bit nervous before I enter each session I have with teens:

  • It means I care. Simple as that.
  • It means I will double my preparations. I will double check that my iPod is charged and that I have enough lyric sheets for each member of my group. I will practice all the songs I’m using in that session to make sure I know them like the back of my hand.
  • It means I care about my clients’ responses. I care if my clients like my sessions. I do. Because I know that if they are enjoying themselves and are engaged, they are more likely to meet the therapeutic goals I have for them.
  • It means I constantly want to improve myself. I’m not okay with repeating the same activities over and over. I want to constantly be creating new musical experiences for my clients to keep them interested and engaged.

So that little twinge of nervousness? I’m glad I still have it. It keeps me on my toes, keeps me creating, and keeps me caring.


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