Rhythm sticks are quickly becoming my favorite instrument. Why?

They’re incredibly versatile (just like this instrument is!),

They’re appropriate for a wide range of ages,

They can be used to address goals in a variety of domains,

And, they’re multi sensory.

The multisensory component is my favorite part because the majority of the individuals I work with are on the autism spectrum. I purchase the rhythm sticks with ridges and the possibilities for sensory stimulation are endless.

Here are some ways I use rhythm sticks to address the sensory needs of my clients:

  • Tap sticks together
  • Tap sticks on legs, knees, toes, or other body part
  • Rub sticks together
  • Scrape and tap
  • Roll on body parts such as the legs or back

All these movements provide great sensory feedback in the hands and the body part being tapped or rolled.

I’ve had rhythm sticks in my “bag of tricks” for years and only recently did I think to add in some different ways of using the sticks to provide more sensory feedback for clients.

How do you use rhythm sticks with your clients?