Tune In To Teens

One of my main goals with Wholesome Harmonies is to provide resources to support and empower music therapists. In particular, MTs who feel stuck when it comes to planning for their sessions with teen clients or who feel like they want to “take it up a notch” from what they’re already providing.

With that goal in mind, I’ve created a few resources over the last few years. If you’re a regular around here, you know one of those offerings is a CMTE course called Tune In To Teens, designed specifically for MTs who work with teen clients. (If you’re ready to jump to the sneak peak video, click here).

I designed Tune In To Teens with three main goals in mind:

1. To save you time…

  • by showing you exactly where to go to find the songs that are cool & popular right now
  • by providing you with a Pop Song Hot List that has over 100 songs that are currently popular with teens (it’s updated every 6 months!)
  • by offering tons of grab-and-go session ideas organized by domain

2. To ease your stress…

  • by sharing my most successful session ideas with you (you can use and adapt them and I guarantee they’ll inspire you to start creating your own!)
  • by making it super easy to learn the interventions (I include video demos and tutorials, sheet music, MP3s, and lyric sheets)

3. To empower you…

  • to feel confident walking into your sessions knowing you have ideas planned that both you and your clients will be excited about!

If you’re just a little bit curious about what’s inside the course and how it’s set up, I’m giving you a chance right now to take a sneak peak.

Watch the sneak peak video by clicking here:

Tune In To Teens

Here’s what Carole Thomas, MM, MT-BC has to say about the course:

“I liked how the course was so well-organized. I liked the thoroughness of information presented for each domain, with all of the suggestions and ideas for activities. I also liked how each area was broken down and the pertinent information included in it. Also, all of the course materials and worksheets, the “Pop Song Hot List,” information on how to access the most recent pop songs and the Garageband mini-tutorial are very much appreciated.

To see everything that Tune In To Teens has to offer, click here. I’d love for you to join us in the course.

It’s just $85 for the entire course, 5 CMTE credits and all the accompanying materials, PLUS lifetime access to the Facebook forum where you’ll continue to receive support and bonus materials from me.

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