Do you ever set musical goals for yourself?

As music therapists we are master goal writers! We assess our clients, create functional goals and objectives for them and track those goals throughout treatment.

Have you ever thought of going through that same process for yourself, musically?

It’s something that is top of mind for me right now for some reason.

I work primarily with children and the songs I use tend to be simple, with pretty basic accompaniments.

Sometimes I really feel the need to push outside that little box and create something…different…and more interesting for my clients. (I wrote a bit about how to do that here).

I am always looking for ways to make my musical presentation more interesting. So, yearly, I set musical goals for myself.

In the past some of my goals have been:

  • To purchase a ukulele and incorporate it into my sessions (check! Perfect for summer and beach themed sessions!)
  • To use my primary instrument, the clarinet, in my sessions more (check! I got some great responses from my clients which has encouraged me to bring it back again and again.)

I am looking to set some musical goals for myself for the second half of the year. Some ideas I have are:

  • To learn a new (yikes!) symphonic instrument (we have a flute, saxophone, and trombone just lying around our house!)
  • To incorporate more jazz chords into my original songs
  • To create new accompaniment tracks on Garageband

Do you create musical goals for yourself? If you do, leave a comment below to let us know what those goals are – I’d love some more inspiration!


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