There are a ton of lesson and session planning resources out there for teachers and therapists who work with children.

Just scroll through Pinterest and you’ll see the ideas out there are endless!

One of the best resources I’ve found for creating visuals for my academic activities is a site called

This site has free printables that can be used to create file folder games. These games are visually appealing AND easy to store (I keep them all tucked away in a file folder organizer). I love this site not just for the free printables, but also because it helps me generate some news ideas and themes to bring into my sessions.

You can search by subject or by grade. Once you find a game you like, just print it, laminate it and glue or staple it into a file folder. Then you’re all set to go!

Below is the Cupcake Count File Folder game (a favorite of the clients with whom I work!) I use this game, along with an original song I wrote called “Yummy Yummy Cupcakes,” to address the following concepts:

  • Counting (count the cherries on the cupcake)
  • Numeral identification, 1-10
  • Matching numeral to quantity

File Folder Games 1

Want to hear the song and see how I facilitate this intervention?

Click below to watch a video of me using this song and game with a client during individual music therapy (video shared with written parental consent):

Yummy, Yummy Cupcakes

I hope you’ll find as useful as I have! Happy session planning!