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I’ve been on a library kick the past few weeks.

I’ve been having an amazing time planning for my sessions at the library, which include baby and toddler classes and Rockin’ & Readin’ sessions for children of all abilities, including those with special needs.

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These are some very specific things I look for when I choose a book to put to music and use in my music therapy sessions. I look for at least one of these things:

  • The book has large, colorful illustrations.
  • The pages are not overly cluttered with pictures or words (I’ve found that simple is better).
  • There is some way the children can “interact” with the book – by lifting a flap, pulling a tab, or feeling a texture.
  • The book incorporates some kind of academic concept (counting, numeral identification, letters, colors, etc.)
  • The phrases or storyline allow children to participate (there’s a phrase they can repeat or some action they can do). I don’t ever want the children ‘just’ sitting there and listening – they need to be actively involved in the activity.

The list I created has books that incorporate one or more of the above criteria.

Here are a few more Book ‘n Song Resources for you:

I’ve had great success just going to the children’s section of the library and pulling out books to see what I can find. Oftentimes, I’ve found the more interesting and engaging books that way.

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