Diez Deditos

Things sure have been busy around here!

My baby is now 10 months old and is cruising all over the place like a champ. It’s a lot to keep up with, but she is just so much fun I can hardly stand it!

{Check out my guest blog post over at Listen & Learn Music, where I share how Brooke and I sing our way through the day. You might even get a few ideas from some of the piggyback songs I mention!}

Today I want to share another song I’ve been singing with Brooke and one that I’ve been using in my Baby Rock & Toddler Rock sessions at the Library.

(What is Baby Rock & Toddler Rock? Miami-Dade County Public Library has hired me to come in during baby and toddler story time to facilitate mommy & me music classes at various library branches throughout the county. I LOVE leading these sessions and the best part is that my husband and Brooke have been able to attend a few times!)

Since we are in Miami, I always try to incorporate some Spanish songs into my repertoire.

“Dos Manitas, Diez Deditos” is a song by Jose-Luis Orozco and is sung to the tune of “Ten Little Indians.”

It goes like this:

Dos manitas, diez deditos,
Dos manitas, diez deditos.
Dos manitas, diez deditos,
Cuentalos conmigo.

Uno, dos, tres deditos,
Cuatro, cinco, seis deditos.
Siete, ocho, nueve deditos,
Y uno mas son diez.

Movementsdos manitas (wave hands side to side); diez deditos (wiggle fingers); uno, dos, tres deditos, etc. (touch each finger as you count).

Two little hands, ten little fingers,
Two little hands, ten little fingers.
Two little hands, ten little fingers,
Count them all with me.

One, two, three little fingers,
Four, five, six little fingers.
Seven, eight, nine little fingers,
And one more makes ten.

Music: I like to give this song a Latin feel by setting my keyboard auto accompaniment to a samba beat. (Find out how to do this by watching the video here!)

This is a great song to incorporate into Mommy & Me music sessions since it is a piggyback song. Parents are already familiar with the tune of “Ten Little Indians,” and they quickly pick up on the lyrics as we repeat them a few times.

I hope you enjoy using this one in your sessions as much as I do!