#AMTA13  – the National Music Therapy Conference – has come and gone and I feel reenergized and ready to implement the amazing things I learned.

From start to finish, there was not a dull moment at #AMTA13.

It began with a nail in my tire on the road trip from Miami to Jacksonville with my friend and colleague Patricia. But once we got that patched we were ready to rock and roll!

I had to opportunity to connect with so many amazing music therapists at #AMTA13, and I think that was probably my favorite part of the entire conference. I met up with past practicum supervisors, my co-intern from my internship at the Matheny Medical & Educational Center, UM alums, my students from UM, and my e-friends that I’ve met online through Facebook, Twitter, and blogging.

Here I am having dinner with my fellow Canes – UM students past and present:


As part of the Public Relations Committee, I had the opportunity to present to a group of high school students on “A Future Career in Music Therapy.” I LOVE to talk about music therapy and what I do every day in my work with children with special needs. I hope just a little bit of my enthusiasm and passion for my career rubbed off on them.

I also attended some incredible concurrent sessions. Topics included everything from musically engaging older adults to using rap, punk, and metal in sessions to building and marketing your private practice.

In years past, I would always come home with loads of information, but never actually set a plan for implementing what I’d learned. This year is different!!

Here is what I’ve done so far to make the most out of what I learned:

– Scan the notes I took from each session and file it under the appropriate folder (I have a section of my computer dedicated to specific music therapy populations: a folder with information/songs/session ideas for children, one for teens, one for adults, one for older adults, one for music & relaxation, etc, etc).

– Scan or save the power points and handouts in the appropriate folder

– Identify one idea that I can implement or one action step that I can take from each session I went to.

I’m certain this will allow me to make the most of my experience at conference and will allow my clients to really benefit – after all they are the reason why I attend each year!