Well hello there!

I wasn’t able to blog last Wednesday because I was out “in the field,” so to speak, observing my practicum students. I had the opportunity to visit the Debbie Institute, the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, and back to United Cerebral Palsy! It was exciting to see the students working in the field and I am always impressed by their talents and enthusiasm for music therapy.

Also, this past Sunday Friendship Circle started back up – yay!

What does that mean? I worked all weekend generating brand new ideas for my children, tween, and teen groups. I also practiced a LOT of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and One Direction (sorry to my husband!)

I love coming up with fresh ideas for these groups.

Here’s one intervention that worked well with my tween and teen groups and can easily be adapted to use with different songs.

So, how do I use Phil Phillips and Taylor Swift songs therapeutically with teens?

Two of my main goals with these clients are to work on improving attention and increasing opportunities for social interaction.

1) I allow each group member to choose an instrument.

2) I let them know I’m going to play “Home” by Phil Phillips (one of the most highly preferred songs for this group!) I tell them they need to listen very closely. When they hear the word “home” they are to switch instruments with a group member near them

3) Then I play through the song, emphasizing “home” each time it is sung.

4) After that, we do the same thing with “Trouble” by Taylor Swift (another favorite of the group) and tell them every time they hear the word “trouble” they are to switch instruments. This one always ends in laughter because of how many times “trouble” is repeated at the end of the song!

So that’s how I use highly preferred music of the teen group to meet my therapeutic goals.

I’d love to hear from YOU! What songs are your teens groups into now?

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