Up until now my website has been my main source for bringing in new clients.

However, one day while I was perusing the Vistaprint website, I decided to look into some other tools I could add to the “marketing mix.”

Vistprint has a plethora of marketing materials that are colorful, creative and cost-effective. I decided to order: brand new business cards, postcards to bring to national conference (in one month!!), polo shirts, and car magnets.

When the package with all those goodies arrived in the mail you would’ve thought Christmas had come early by my excitement!!

Here is my car magnet that’s making it’s way all around Miami (I’ve already gotten one phone call just from that!):

photo 1


photo 3

Here are my brand new polo shirts that I can wear to my sessions and special events:

WH polo

I am always looking to introduce new people to music therapy and the services I provide. I’ll keep you up-to-date on how these marketing materials work for me!

What is the one marketing material that you’ve found to be most effective in bringing in new business? Leave a comment below and let us know!