Music Therapy Ed

It’s here! It’s here!

My course for Music Therapy Ed is here! Can you picture me jumping for joy?

Last summer, the incredible Kat Fulton invited me to create a CMTE course for Music Therapy Ed, the site that offers on-demand continuing education opportunities. I happily accepted and spent the summer writing brand new songs, creating brand new interventions, and video taping my sessions that included these new materials.

With that said, I am so pleased to announce the release of my online CMTE course…

Autism + Special Needs: FUNdamentals For Young Children

This link will give you access to the course preview video AND will allow you to sign up for the course right away.

What’s the course all about?

I designed this course to provide information on how to create fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate music therapy interventions for children with autism and other special needs. This course will take participants step-by-step through the process of creating activities – from generating ideas to developing goals and objectives to creating interventions.

The course will provide musical demonstrations of songs, as well as video session clips of live music therapy interventions (I know you’re excited about that!) Sheet music will be provided for ALL the original songs that are shared throughout the course. Bonus resources will also be provided to give participants even more materials from which to generate ideas. (Want my list of favorite books to use in book ‘n song activities? It’s included as a bonus resource!)

The course will conclude with suggestions to tie everything together and take it to the next level in guitar playing and implementation. Participants will hear live musical demonstrations of how to use specific musical elements to cue behaviors.

Participants will finish the course with a deeper understanding of the multiple needs of children with special needs and how to address those needs in goal-oriented music therapy interventions that are engaging and fun!

Here’s the BEST part!!

* You won’t find the songs and sheet music in this course anywhere else – not on my blog, not as part of an E-Book, and not in my newsletter. They can only be found in this course!

* The intervention and activity ideas in this course are brand new – you won’t find them anywhere else – not on my blog, not in an E-Book, and not in my newsletter.

* Everything in this course is brand new….created just for the participants of this course!

Ready to join me in the course? Click here!