On Sunday, I returned home from a wonderful 2 week vacation across Florida with my hubby-to-be. We drove from Miami to Pensacola to meet up with family and ended our journey in St. Pete Beach to celebrate the wedding of one of my good friends. (The wedding even included a flash mob choreographed by my friend Patricia and I to “Marry You” by Bruno Mars – what could be better than that??)

I returned home to find the above letter waiting for me…the letter stating that my Articles of Organization were received and my private practice is now officially…Wholesome Harmonies, LLC. (LLC = Limited Liability Company). YAY!!

This is one of the most exciting things that has happened to me with regards to my private practice. Wholesome Harmonies has been around since I moved to Miami in 2006, but it has really picked up steam the last two years. I attribute this to many things – starting my website and blog, as well as the numerous supportive forums on Facebook (Music Therapists Unite! and Music Therapy Business Owners Network).

Last month I hired two subcontractors to take on the new clients that I cannot fit into my schedule. I never dreamed that I would need to do that. But the exciting part is really that now, with two subcontractors, we can reach even more clients and provide more music therapy services.

I chose the name Wholesome Harmonies to incorporate the fact that we not only provide music therapy services, but we also provide music lessons and resources for music therapists and teachers. I am very excited about this new step and I look forward to even more growth in the coming year!

I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Are you considering forming an LLC or incorporating your business? Why or why not?