Hellooo!! Today is one of my favorite days at UCP – Graduation Day! Everyone is buzzing with excitment. It is a day for real celebration as we look back on the children’s accomplishments and how much they have grown.

Last month I shared a video of our Graduation Song from last year, “It’s Always More Fun”. For this year’s Graduation performance, we did a spin on “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.” I asked the children- “What do you love about going to school here?” We made a bubble map with all of their ideas, I reworked the lyrics to the song, and here is what we came up with…

We love to come to school,
We love to play with friends,
Put a little love in your heart!

Outside we run and play,
Inside we learn all day,
Put a little love in your heart!

And this year…we learned to count and add,
And this year..we learned the traffic light,
And this year…we learned about the plan,
And this year…we learned the alphabet,

Here at school!
Put a little love in your heart!
Put a little love in your heart!
Put a little love in your heart!

They sang it loud and proud and I could not be more pleased with how the ceremony turned out. As sad as I am to see these children leave, I know they are moving on to do great things in this world!

Image courtesy of [digitalart] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net