Today I ‘m taking a break from my series on Private Practice Tips, Tools, and Essentials, to wish a happy SIX year anniversary to me and UCP (United Cerebral Palsy)! It was six years ago today that I walked into UCP, fresh out of internship, newly board-certified, and ready to take on this new dream job.

The past six years have been incredible. Working at UCP has allowed me to stretch and grow in ways I never imagined. I write original songs, I have the opportunity to co-treat with speech and occupational therapists, and I supervise practicum students and interns – all while working with a vibrant staff who have become my family and with children who I have grown to love.

What’s even more incredible is how I got here! When I was a student at University of Miami, a requirement of our Intro to Music Therapy class was to visit a local music therapist for an observation. Well, my very first observation was at UCP! Little did I imagine that four years later, I would be the music therapist there also hosting student observers.

In addition, the music therapist I observed there would later become my practicum supervisor and a few years later recommend me for the job at UCP! This was solely based on her work with me as a practicum student! So, my takeaway message to students is this: make a good impression from the very start of your music therapy career. It is never too early to be making connections. I had no idea that the place of my very first observation would become my home to learn and grow as a new music therapist.

I am so happy to be celebrating my six year anniversary! Here I am with the director at our Employee Recognition Lunch:

I would love to hear YOUR story in the comments section below. What steps led you to the job where you are now?

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