Today I’d like to share an intervention from one of my individual music therapy sessions at UCP’s Early Beginnings Academy.

This song was written by my former intern, colleague at UCP, and friend, Amber Ewers and she has graciously allowed me to share it with you today.

The first goal we are working on during this intervention is increasing expressive language by speaking a complete sentence.

The second goal is increasing appropriate social interaction by O. asking me “What is your name?”

Correct pronunciation of each word, and speaking the complete, grammatically correct sentence are all objective behaviors I am looking for.

Listen to my squeal in this video as he does all those things for the very first time independently! Roll the tape…

This song is a crowd favorite with everyone from the children at Early Beginnings to the teens at Friendship Circle. In group sessions, after the children/teens get the hang of it, I let them be the one to go around the circle asking each person “What is your name?” Enjoy!